Employment and Labour

Employment law is an amalgam of law, practice and industrial relations issues.  With a commercial and pragmatic approach, our dedicated LCLAW team provides support and advice to employers and employees across all areas of employment law. LCLAW offers advice in all matters that fall under this area and, in particular:

  • Drafting of contracts with employees and self-employees, including agreements for directors and managers, nationals or expatriates, and co-ordination of standard contracts used by multinational companies.
  • Drafting of confidentiality agreements, offer and termination letters, deeds of release.
  • Drafting provident fund documentation and registering the fund with the relevant authorities.
  • Advising clients on matters of employment including termination of employment by reason of redundancy for the avoidance of wrongful dismissal.
  • Representing clients in any kind of conflict resolution through administrative bodies or litigation.
  • Immigration issues arising from employment.
  • Transfer of undertakings and protection of employees
  • Formation of stock option structures.
  • Health and safety in the workplace.
  • Discrimination at work.

Our firm also offers assistance when non-EU citizens are to be employed in executive positions with companies belonging to foreign interests, guiding them through the special procedures leading to the issue of the relevant work and residency permits, as well as family reunion permits for their dependents. We also assist EU employees in registering and obtaining their permits to leave and work in Cyprus.